WITH international Japan Co., Ltd.

Supporting world-class career building

WITH international is a global search firm with expertise in recruitment for multinational companies, from startups to enterprises.
We empower people and organizations to succeed and grow together.


WITH international

Global search firm with expertise in recruitment
for multinational companies from startups to enterprises

We excel at reaching out to highly skilled and experienced potential candidates. We pride ourselves on providing the most effective recruitment strategies and solutions that are difficult to achieve using traditional recruitment methods. Having the right people in place is critical to business growth. Our focus on people and organizations succeeding and growing together, rather than just placing people, has made us the first choice of leading companies around the world.


Startups and Enterprises in IT and Deep Tech

We specialize in startups and enterprises that are in need of technical and industry knowledge in the IT and Deep Tech fields.

Layers of Expertise

High class / Executive

We are familiar with executive positions that are directly impacted on business growth. We build strong connections with management teams and VCs to align with our clients' business and organizational goals.

Coverage of Position

Positions hard to fill

We offer tailor-made searches on a contingency basis for positions that are difficult to fill. Our professionals have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to fulfil your needs and work together with stakes-holders to achieve your goals.


Strength of WITH international

With our unique team structure and search know-how,
we can identify and source top talent for even the most difficult to find roles.

We do not use talent databases. With our talented team and state-of-the-art search techniques and know-how,
enables us to acquire candidates that no one else has yet tapped.

Why Startups choose us?イメージ画像


Why "Startups" choose us?

We have experience and expertise to assist a lot of Start-up companies in building successful teams. After raising funds, start-up companies often recruit personnel with different skill sets from what existing executives have, such as CTO and CFO. We understand that having insight of the customer's industry and business model is the most important in recruiting executives. Our expert consultants will work with our clients from initial stage of recruiting by designing recruitment guidelines such as business strategy, organizational strategy, defining candidate persona, etc. With our know-how and great performance, we have earned the trust of venture capital firms, and we’ve also received many inquiries about recruitment support for their portfolio companies.

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Professionals for
global tech head hunting

We have offices in Thailand and Malaysia as well, and our services are available in English. We have a former engineer consultant on our team, so we have profound knowledge and a proven track record in recruiting for tech companies. Thanks to our previous achievement virtuous cycle in receiving inquiries also happens such as (personal) connections obtained thorough supporting recruitment of hiring manager position give us more inquiries from the ex-candidates.

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Productive, cross-functional teams

In recruitment process, sourcing talents and negotiating with candidates requires different skill sets. Therefore, we assign each tasks separately to our employees according to their expertise and skills. “Researcher” is responsible for entire search process, from building a search strategy to creating a long list and making appointments. These processes will be assigned to each researcher in accordance with their specialized area. “Recruiter“ is responsible for process requiring negotiating and coordination skill, such as interview with candidates, following up recruiting process (providing career path advice and necessary information), and supporting candidates’ decision making.

Unique and Practical Search Know-howイメージ画像


Unique and Practical Search Know-how

We pride ourselves on our ability to reach out top talent regardless of whether they have plan to change jobs or not. HR databases which general recruitment firms using are highly competitive for reaching talents due to its plenty of registered recruiting companies. With our know-how and proprietary systems, we can find disclosed web information of Talents and contact information thorough SNS, qualification registration list, seminar speakers, etc. which enable us to reach out the Talents who have not been tapped yet. Service is available in both fee systems, contingency fee, and retainer fee.


Our Consultants

Our experts are mostly with engineer or consulting firm background.
Based on our experience, we provide in-depth advice in each specialized field.

Our recruitment service is handled by 2 Positions, Recruiter and Researcher. Our Recruiter / Researcher trains daily to gain important perspectives in "career building" such as economic information, business strategy, sales strategy, organizational strategy, accounting knowledge, IT knowledge, and related laws and regulations. Experienced specialists with deep knowledge and high expertise will support until successful recruitment.

Jun Nakajima

President & Co-Founder

Jun Nakajima

I started my career at a consulting firm with experiencing growth strategy, new business development and business turnaround, and I became an independent consultant. While working as a management consultant, I realized that recruiting and human resources are the most effective for corporate management.

I joined Japan’s largest headhunting firm in order to gain recruiting skills and experience. Then I moved to a boutique recruitment agency less than 5 recruiters as a core member. While providing recruiting services, I contributed to the expansion recruiters from 5 to 60 recruiters. After leaving the boutique recruitment agency, I ran my own business. During this time, I have contributed to building a business foundation centered on expanding new customers at ICPA. October 2018, I fully joined ICPA.

In 2021, I founded WITH international Japan Co., Ltd.

Hiroyuki Ozeki

Partner & Co-Founder

Hiroyuki Ozeki

He is a recruiting specialist with an outstanding track record in a wide range of technical and non-technical positions up to the CxO layer for both multinational and Japanese companies. After majoring in computer science at a technical college, he joined a System Integrator, where he experienced everything from project management to software development and support operations. He then moved on to a start-up company, where he worked on a wide range of business development and other projects, not limited to the IT industry.

  • In 2015, he moved to an American headhunting firm, where he leveraged his technical knowledge and industry experience to help clients and candidates, delivering dominant results and being promoted four times in four years.
  • He was awarded as a top recruiter in 2016 in the company and contributed to the double win of AWS Japan's Agency of the Year 1st Place and Consultant of the Year 1st Place (individual award).
  • He was also awarded two AWS Japan's Agency Award in 2020.
  • In 2021, he founded WITH international in Japan and Thailand, providing recruitment support to startup and enterprise international companies.
Kazuki Kizaki

Partner & Co-Founder

Kazuki Kizaki

Kazuki is Partner in WITH international Japan, focusing on global company roles across IT company from enterprise to start-up.
Prior to found WITH, he come his professional career through software sales, start-up BD, senior recruitment consultant. During his previous career, Kazuki was based in Tokyo, Kyoto, Hamamatsu, and Bangkok.

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Company Profile

Company Name

WITH international Japan Co., Ltd.

Date of establishment

20th January 2021

Representative director

Jun Nakajima


i-office Kichijouji, 2-8-4, Kichijouji-Honcho, Musashino, Tokyo 180-0004, Japan

Thailand Office

1-7 Zuellig House Building, Unit 4, 6th Floor, Silom Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500 Thailand

Malaysia Office

D28-03, PJ8, No.23, Jalan Barat, Seksyen 8, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


10,000,000 JPY

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HR consulting, Recruitment service

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